Poem for Arjan's Sacred Sound Journey


Relax, forget the normal grind

Leave your worries far behind

Breathe out your day as you unwind

Sing out to clear your thoughts and mind

The sounds sink in, the mantras fade

Arjon begins and magic's made


Reaching back through lifetimes massed

Connecting souls from days long past

Transcending time unhinged from earth

Arjon connects creations birth

Our loved one's presence fills the room

Becoming sacred space, a cosmic womb


Each dulcet tone, unique and clear

Reaches past our cool veneer

Suspending body, time and place

Surrendering in healing grace

Floating past our conscience bounds

Traveling the threads of sounds


On theta waves does bliss abound

Vibrations raising all around

Projecting us to astral planes

Harmonizing energies, entwining strains

Penetrating soul and cell

Healing, tuning, making well


As Master Conductor becomes Creator of Truth

Argon's timbres and tones inspires silent sleuth

Exposing, awakening, at last seeing through

Accepting, grieving, then enjoying the view

Embracing our ancestors, forgiving past pain

Bringing on joy that cannot be explained


Like a wave in the ocean it comes crashing down

The weight of your soul is entrapped in the sound

Awestruck and humbled overwhelmed by the light

Our earthly existence looms near in the fright

Relax into the movement, be it up or be down

Feel the warmth of your family as their arms wrap around


And ride the vibration like there is no end in sight

Relax and release all the struggles you fight

Awaken each chakra, each nerve and each sense

Blessed with the gift of perspectives past tense

Arjon’s journey of sounds fill your cells, makes them strong

Letting mind, body and spirit sing one single song


~Tina Ann